Souvenir Of Iran

Saffron: Saffron, or the “red gold”, is used extensively in Persian cooking. Iran has a massive role in the production of the worldwide saffron, and it can’t be denied that it produces the best of it. The hub of the industry is Mashhad.

Pistachio: Dried fruits and nuts are the best-selling Iranian souvenirs for tourists and the natives as well. Even today, with a number of other countries in this field, Iranian pistachio still ranks first in the international market thanks to its rich taste. Kerman’s pistachios, famous in the world as “smiling pistachio”, are the best in the country.

Sweets: Most tourists, especially Europeans, are amazed by the variety of sweets found in Iran. It’s a heaven for those with a sweet tooth as each city has got its own unique sweet. So, one of the best options as a souvenir from Iran is buying sweets such as Gaz from Isfahan, Sohan from Qom, Ghotab and Baghlava from Yazd, or Reshte Khoshkar from Rasht, the list goes on.

Gaz Of Isfahan
Sesame Sohaan
Honey Sohaan
rice cookie
Yookheh Bread
Tabriz Baklava
Yazdi baklava
Shekar Panir

Spices: Spices play an important role in Iranian cuisine. You can feel their aroma while walking in Iran’s bazaars, tempting you to purchase some. You can choose from cardamom, rose petals, Limoo Amani -a kind of lime-, to add some Iranian taste to your dishes.

Tea: The most beloved drink in Iran is tea. It is common to drink a cup of tea after you have a dish. The popularity is not just limited to Iran, Persian tea is known to be one of the most qualified ones around the world.