South Khorasan province

South Khorasan province with a total area of 151,193 square kilometers as the third largest province of the country is located in the eastern part of Iran bordering Afghanistan. South Khorasan is one of the three provinces established after the division of Khorasan in 2004, containing Birjand city as its center and 11 counties.

Unique nature, ancient, cultural, and religious sites can be found all over the province. The impressive landscape of Lut Desert, waterfalls, spas, saffron, and barberry farms have made South Khorasan an excellent place for tourists and nature lovers. The historical attractions of the province include Tabas Citadel, Mostofi House, Mansion of Boshruyeh Windcatcher, Nehbandan Watermill, Jameh Mosque of Qaen, and Madreseh Elmiyeh Oliya.