Qazvin Province

Qazvin province (Persian: استان قزوین, [Qazvīn]) is located in the northern part of Iran. The northern part of the province is a mountainous area and to the south the climate is hot and dry with cold winters and hot summers.

Based on evidence found during the excavations of the Zāgheh ancient tape, the civilization in this province dates back to 4000- 5000 BC. The land was once part of the Median Kingdom. The people of this province are from different ethnic origins. For centuries, Āzarīs, Lurs, Kurds and other ethnicities have peacefully lived together in the region. In the past, the Deilami language was spoken in Qazvīn, but now most people speak the Āzarī language.

The common handicrafts of the province include tile-making, inlay work, plaster-work, stone-carving, carpet-weaving, mirror-making, calligraphy, clock making, silk weaving, lock making and needle-work.