North of Iran

Northern Iran consists of the southern border of the Caspian Sea and the Alborz mountains.

It includes the provinces of GilanMazandaran, and Golestan. (Ancient kingdom of Hyrcania, medieval region of Tabaristan). The major provinces, Gilan and Mazandaran, are covered with dense forests, snow-covered mountains and impressive sea shores.

Rasht Municipality

The major cities are Rasht, Gorgan, Sâri, Bâbol, Amol, Qaem Shahr, Gonbad-e Kavus, Anzali, and Lahijan. Northern Iran has numerous villages, particularly Massulé, appreciated by travellers.

Gorgan Palace

Northern Iran was a trendy spot during the Pahlavi era, especially among foreign tourists. It was a luxurious place that provided all types of modern recreational facilities as well as tourism infrastructure.

Anzali Wharf

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Anzali Wetland
Anzali Freezone
Lahijan Green Roof
Namak Abrood
Motel Ghoo
Gonbad E Kavoos
Kajoor Museum of medicinal plants
Masoole Vilage
Filband Vilage
Masaal Vilage
Dasht E Alenzeh
Badaab E Soort
Roodkhan Castle
Khaled Nabi Tomb
Mohammad Hasan Bridge
Veresk Bridge
Kiaasar Park
Gol Raamiaan Fountain
Talaab E Miankaaleh
Alendaan Lake
Shoormast Lake
Choort Lake
Sisangan Jungle
Ghorogh Jungle
Alang Dare Jungle
Gisoom Jungle
Gisoom complex
Noor Jungle
Kaboodval Waterfall
Nahaar Khoran Jungle
Roads Of North