North Khorasaan Province

North Khorasan province (Persian: استان خراسان شمالی, [Khorāsān]) is located in the north east of Iran, neighboring the Republic of Turkmenistan. As this province lies in the margin of the central desert in Iran, and it is connected to the high mountains of Kappeh Dāgh, we can observe different climates and vegetation in the province, something which has made this area an ideal habitat for various kinds of animals and plants.

The animals found in the area include Iranian cheetahs, ibexes, wild goats, rams, gazelles, wild cats and birds like pheasants and yellow partridges.

Major ethnic groups of the province are Persians, Āzarīs, Kurds and Turkmens, and minorities of Balūchis, Lurs and Arabs also live in this province. The common language, however, is Persian.

The most common and important handicrafts in this province are carpets, rugs, Turkmen cushions, Bojnūrdī sandals, druggets and a sort of coarse blanket.

Ruin Village

This tourist attraction is located in the green valley of Rūīn, 27 km to the north of Esfarāyen. This village has a stair-structure which attracts the attention of any newcomer.

Esfidan Village

The village is located in a green, beautiful valley near the city of Bojnūrd. The architecture and structure of houses are stair-structure.