Mazandaran Province

Mazandaran province (Persian: استان مازندران, [Māzandarān]) is located in the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and adjacent to Alborz mountain range. There are large forests, green mountains and beautiful seas in many parts of the world, but Mazandarān in Iran is something different. In the mountains, plains and forests of this province, people have still preserved connection with their ancient civilization and culture. This is the land of happiness, a land whose music consists of melodies influenced by forests, seas and harvesting farm products.

Mazandarān is truly a piece of heaven whose rice fields and citrus gardens are especially notable and its caviar is a precious gift for all people across the world. Migrating birds are also in love with this land and every year in cold months, they settle in lagoons and plains.

Mohammad Hasan Khān Bridge

This bridge which is one of the structures of the Zand dynasty was built on Babol River in 17th Century CE by Mohammad Hasan Khān, the region’s ruler at the time. This bridge is 140 meters long, 6 meters wide and 11 meters above the level of water. It consists of 7 major and 2 minor arches. 

Kandolūs Museum 

The Kandolūs Museum is located on the top of a hill facing the village of Kandolūs near the Kojūr region of Mazandarān. The museum holds historical and cultural objects including historical documents, coins, manuscripts, clay-works, farming and husbandry equipment, handicrafts, local clothes, wall paintings, etc.

Sisangān Natural Park

This park is located near the town of Nūr and contains natural attractions as well as resort facilities. It is situated near the sea. Hosting rare species of trees has given it a remarkable sightseeing value.

Namakābrūd Natural Park

This huge park with an area of 200 hectares and wild nature is one of the most beautiful natural parks of the world and contains different species of plant life.