Lorestan Province

Lorestan province (Persian: استان لرستان, [Lorestān]) is a mountainous land in the west of Iran. The Zagros Mountains stretch from northwest to southeast of the province. The highest crest is Oshtorān Kūh with a height of 4100 meters above sea level. The weather is cold to the north as there are lots of mountains; to the south it is temperate. High altitude and geographical conditions have caused many rivers and springs to flow through the province. The paintings discovered in the caves of Dūsheh and Mīrmelās caves show that the Kasī tribe lived in Lorestān in 1600 BC.

The weather conditions have caused nomad life to be developed in this region and many tribes have summer/winter migrations. Common activities among the people are farming and husbandry due to its favorable weather conditions and fertile soil. Natural features, heights, water resources and vegetation provide a perfect habitat for plants and animals.

In the caves near Dehlon region, there are scarce kinds of fish with no eyes. Two species of this fish have been found in Asia, one in Mosul, Iraq and the other in Haft Tang cave near the city of Khorramābād, Iran. These species of fish do not have any eyes and ears and have feelers around their mouth instead.