Kurdistan Province

Kurdistan province (Persian: استان کردستان, [Kordestān]) is located in the west of Iran bordering Iraq. The highest mountain which is located in the southeast of Saghez is called Chahār Cheshmeh with a height of 3173 meters above the sea level. The climate is temperate and mountainous which provides rich lawns for nomads who are mostly involved in husbandry. The common handicrafts of this province include carpet weaving, drugget weaving, textile and local ornament making.

The population of the province consists of Kurdish and Āzarīs ethnic groups who speak their respective dialects. The Kurds are descendents of Aryan tribes who immigrated to this land a few thousand years ago. In Sumerian, Akkadian and Assyrian inscriptions, the word “Kurd” has been used many times.

The vegetation of this province includes lawns and forests which stretch from the northwest to south west of this province with an area of 320,000 hectares covering the cities of Mārīvān and Bāneh.

Orāmānāt Village

This village is located in the southwest of a town called Marīvān in a steep valley. The houses are commonly made of stone. The climate of this region is cold, especially in winters.