Kish Island

Kish (کیش), a semi-tropical resort island, 19 km off the mainland in the Persian Gulf, is a popular escape from the cold winters for well-to-do Iranians but as yet is really catch on with foreign visitors.

Planned during the days of the last Shah as a getaway for prosperous Persians and international jet setters, Kish had a casino (now the Shayan International Hotel) and its airport was built large enough to receive Concorde.

After the 1979 Revolution, Kish became a duty free shopping area to encourage continued tourism. Foreign nationals do not require a visa to visit Kish for a stay of up to 14 days. Foreign visitors are fingerprinted and have their passports stamped at the airport.

The island maintains a more socially relaxed atmosphere than the mainland though alcohol is forbidden and women must wear the headscarf.

Greece Ship
Aquarium Of Kish
Dariush Grand Hotel
Toranj Hotel
Ocean Water Park
Derakht E Sabz
Dolphin Park
Parandegan Park
Ahooan Zoo
Marine Entertainment
Tak Badgir
Abanbaar E Dogonbad
Jenni Castle
Kariz Underground City
Ayaani House
Hendoorabi Island
Sahel E Lakposht