Iran Nature Tour

If visiting ancient monuments and the beautiful historical mosques of Iran are not enough to satisfy you with Iran excursions, you should definitely visit Iran’s unique natural attractions which will leave you with a world of adventure and good memories, from high mountains to low deserts and from dense forests to exotic springs.

Best Iran’s Natural Attractions

About 65 kilometers north of Tehran’s metropolis, located in the middle of Alborz range, there is a high peak known as the highest mountain in the Middle East. Mount Damavand height is 5610 and climbers from all around the world travel to Iran every year to climb this summit. The summit is covered in snow all year long. If you are a bit lucky and in Tehran during non-polluted times of year (such as Nowruz holidays), you would be able to see the magnificent view of Damavand Peak from the city. Damavand Peak, in addition to its natural beauty, has a high place in Iranian culture, mythology and civilization, as many poets have named the mountain in their poems and many legends have been told about it. Damavand Climbing Programs >>

To reach the summit of Damavand you must be a trained person in a good physical condition. A suitable three-day climbing program, with a good hiking team, a Damavand guide and complete equipment, are necessary for you to reach Damavand summit.

Lut Desert
Lut desert, one of the most beautiful natural areas of Iran, located in the south-east of the country, is a natural attraction of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Iran.
It is interesting to note that this area is one of the hottest spots on earth. Lut desert covers more than 40,000 square Km and is located in the provinces of Kerman, Sistan-Baluchistan and South Khorasan.

Salt Lake, Dasht-e- Kavir
Another great desert of Iran, located in the center of the plateau and northwest of Isfahan and Yazd, is Dasht-e- Kavir, or salt desert. The harsh wild nature here will amaze you. The famous Salt Lake Desert, located about 100 Km from Qom, is the most popular attraction for tourists to visit. Rest assured that traveling to this area without a guide and proper equipment will be dangerous.