Gilan Province

To the south of the Caspian Sea, lies the wonderful green Gilan Province (Persian: استان گیلان, [Gīlān]). The people of Gīlān are among the most cheerful and noblest groups of Iranian people, who have preserved their beliefs and traditions.

To Iranians, Gīlān is associated with images of the rice fields, tea farms and enchanting forests. The people of Gīlān speak Gīlaki dialect. Their local music is to a large extent influenced by their surrounding environment and farming activities.

Wood Handicrafts is one of the main handicrafts of this. They include bowls, plates, spoons, forks and other dishes which are sold inside and outside of Gīlan. Other artistic wood works include walking sticks, cradles, bird and animal statues, wood carvings and special boxes called Bolaki. Weaving straw mat is another common handicraft of Gīlān. The products are mostly hats, baskets, table cloth and blinds.

Māsūleh Village

This village which is one of the most visited traditional and natural sites of Gīlān is located 65 kilometers southwest of Rasht city. The importance of this village lies in its unique architecture:  the roof of a house is the yard of the house above and also the pavement in the village.