Fars Province

Fars (Persian: فارس) is a province of Central Iran. It is in the south of the country and its center is Shiraz. It has an area of 122,400 sq. km. In 1996, this province had a population of 3.8 million people, out of which 42% resided in rural areas and the rest were urban settlers.

Nominally, Fars is the original homeland of the Persian people. The native name of the Persian language is Fārsi or Pārsi.

Shiraz is one of the biggest cities in Iran and most significant city at the center of Fars province at the height of 1486 m above the sea level, located in the Zagros mountainous area, a highly important protection for the strategic location of Shiraz. Shiraz consists of 3 districts, ”Arzhan“, “Zaraghan“ , ”Markazi“, six cities and 12 rural districts. Shiraz name has been explored in the Achaemenid inscriptions in Persepolis.

This city has been known as the most significant tourism center, the 6th populous city, the cultural capital of the country, 2nd literary city in the world, the 3rd religious city, the 3rd holy shrine of Iran and the city of poetry, wine and flower. The tombs of several poets such as Hafez and Sa’adi placed in Shiraz where embraces a major part of Iran’s ancient history, historical, cultural, religious and natural attractions.


Placing in the central zone of south Zagros and a partly fertile area, the social and economic structure of Shiraz has been turned into a natural setting for nomads such as Ghashghaei, the farmers and residents to exchange local commodities. This city has also been located in the way of the commercial roads to south ports such as Bushehr, but this role has been faded out by establishing the railway network to other ports of Iran. Administrators and military centers are among the other causes the city to be glorious. Shiraz is economically dependent on industry, significant factories, agriculture and magnificent handicrafts .Shiraz residents speak in Shirazi accent of Persian language and most of them are Shia.

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Naghsh e Rostam
Kaabe E Zartoosht
Naghsh e Rajab
Karim Khan Citadel
Hamam E Vakil
Bazaar E Vakil
Bazaar E Gheysariyeh
Qoran Gate
Khaju Tomb
Davaani Tomb
Afif Abaad Garden
Eram Garden
Delgosha Garden
Khalili Garden
Nazar Garden
Jannat Garden
Shapoori Mansion
Naranjestan E Ghavam
Vakil Mosque
Atigh Jame Mosque
Moshir Mosque
Nasir Al Molk Mosque
Shahcheragh Holy Shrine
Stone Museum
Zinatolmoluk House
Dokhtar Castle
Sasaanian Castle
Maabad E Anahita
Shapoor Cave
Sangtaraashan Cave
Daraab Gerd
Dasht E Arzhan
Margoon Fall
Behesht E Gomshode
Tang E Roghoz
Tang E Tizaab
Tang E Boragh
Tang E Dom Asb
Maharloo Lake
Bakhtegaan Lake
Parishaan Lake
Doroodzan dam
Ghalaat Vilage
Dashtak Vilage