Khorasan Razavi Province

Khorasan Razavi Province (Persian: استان خراسان رضوی, [Khorāsān-e Razavī]) is located in the northeast of the country, bordering Turkmenistan on the north and Afghanistan on the east.

This province plays an important role in the production of farming yield. Saffron is the most prominent one followed by cereal and various flowers. Husbandry is a common activity as there are rich lawns in the mountains.

The souvenirs of this province include saffron, perfume, barberry, candy, turquoise or opal rings, carved stones, silk clothing, etc.
During the Islamic period, many movements arose against the Arab rulers from this area.

Astān-e Ghods-e Razavī Compound 
After the martyrdom of Imam Rezā in the 8th century CE, his followers buried him in the middle of a large garden and many beautiful buildings were later constructed in the area. Today it has become a huge complex with unique architectural designs.